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How it works!

 Nidal Hasan, MD and his caring staff, will create a
Comprehensive weight loss program tailored just for you!

• Doctor-supervised food plans

Metabolism regulation

Appetite management

Lifestyle and motivational coaching

Science-based activity recommendations

...and much more

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Our physicians are Board certified in Endocrinology, a specialty that deals with hormone disorders such as diabetes, thyroid, metabolic and sexual disorders.

Diabetes Care

Optimum Care specialists will establish a treatment plan that fits your particular needs. Our extensive experience in diabetes care makes us confident in treating diabetes to attain the best possible control and minimize complications risk. Certified dietitians will help you establish a healthy eating regimen. 

Weight loss

Optimum Endocrine Care’s weight loss program incorporates the use of appetite suppressant (Phentermine) with starch blockers together with exercise and diet. A full dose of appetite suppressant will be used for three months (induction phase) followed by 6 months of maintenance therapy with low dose Phentermine to maintain weight loss and prevent relapse.

Thyroid disorders

Diagnosis of thyroid disorders encompasses the treatment of hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid), and enlarged thyroid (goiter) to rule out malignancy.

Sexual Disorders

We provide diagnoses and treatment of male and female hormone complications and replacement of deficient hormones where applicable or necessary.


Specialists diagnose secondary causes of osteoporosis and establish individual treatment plans for each patient.

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Our Plans:

After your initial consultation, the Doctor may prescribe one of
the following plans and personalize it to your specific needs and preferences...

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